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Gothic victorian bustle dress is made of burgundy taffeta and decorated with black beaded embroidery appliques, trims and lace.  The bodice is lined with black soft cotton blend material. It has 12 steel boning and a bustled back and a modesty panel, that is attached to underneath bodice to provide a fully finished look without skin or undergarments. The skirt is bordered with a pleated ruffle and has a zipper closure at the side.

In this dress the skirt is separate from the bodice. The dress requires a bustle cage (tournur) and underskirt (petticoat). In the pictures they are worn under the dress. I recommend wearing a bustle cage underneath the dress to give authentic period look.
The underskirt with train is worn under the dress so that the dress would keep its shape. And the train for the underskirt is required so that the train of the dress wouldn’t hang down on the floor. Please ask if you would like to order a bustle and/or petticoat.